Interface ModelChange

All Known Subinterfaces:
ColumnChange, TableChange
All Known Implementing Classes:
AddColumnChange, AddForeignKeyChange, AddIndexChange, AddPrimaryKeyChange, AddTableChange, ColumnAutoIncrementChange, ColumnDataTypeChange, ColumnDefaultValueChange, ColumnOrderChange, ColumnRequiredChange, ColumnSizeChange, PrimaryKeyChange, RemoveColumnChange, RemoveForeignKeyChange, RemoveIndexChange, RemovePrimaryKeyChange, RemoveTableChange, TableChangeImplBase

public interface ModelChange

Marker interface for changes to a database model element.

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Method Summary
 void apply(Database database, boolean caseSensitive)
          Applies this change to the given database.

Method Detail


void apply(Database database,
           boolean caseSensitive)
Applies this change to the given database.

database - The database
caseSensitive - Whether the case of names matters

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